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It's 2011, an entirely new year's worth of art to be submitted is ahead of us all.

I myself have some things I'm working on and expect there to only be more throughout the year. But, until then it'd be nice if you(NewGrounds users) could make my current submissions a bit more popular ;)

So, welcome to the new year and good luck to all NewGrounds artist out there.

Voting Trends

2010-10-28 01:45:17 by sup3rkirby

I suppose just as it is in every day, many who are given the power/ability to vote usually do not need it. Just think of the poor political outcomes over the years which is not due to some major conspiracy by anyone's government but rather the lack of information of the voters responsible for the outcome.

Tonight I came across a submission here on NewGrounds that shocked me in a sense. Girl in Love by hania. And since I've brought it up, I'll of course give you a link: /107443

The thing I found so shocking was that the rating on this submission, at the time of this post, is 3.85. I honestly cannot see a reason to have music like this rated anything other than a 5.00. To rate it lower would imply there is something wrong, something to be desired, something that just isn't good enough and I honestly don't see how anyone could truly believe such a thing.

It's unfortunate that anyone with a NewGrounds account can vote on submissions, regardless of what they know about the artform itself. People who couldn't stand to listen to classical composures for more than a few minutes but would idolize more modern bands even to the point of calling any and/or all of the members musical geniuses... It certainly is a bit absurd.

Anyone can like music, but to appreciate it... this takes a real artist and musician.
C'mon NewGrounds, don't vote if you don't understand it. Leave the judgement to those who are here to appreciate the art.

The Feedback Void

2010-10-28 01:14:08 by sup3rkirby

While my time here at NewGrounds has been short, I've found the feedback to be most lacking overall. The sole reason for many who publish and publicly display their works is to gain some public opinion and response that may give insight as to the artist's work and its relation to the world.

I've only found, thusfar, mixed conclusions about some of my works. For instance good feedback from any person I speak to in any real-time manor as well as a few notable things such as a favorite or good review, but then I notice that another rating might be extremely low.

Sure, people have different opinions and views but to have the extremes from a 1 to 5 in terms of voter's rankings, well that doesn't seem to be of any real use. Either something is good or it isn't. Having voting trends that seem to be polar opposites could only really mean those who vote are not well educated or informed on what they are actually voting on and so cannot make a relevant or useful vote. In all fairness, expecting true musical insight and understanding on a site like NewGrounds isn't very realistic. In places like SoundClick where music is the sole focus things seem to be more realistic and feedback is consistent.

I suppose only time will tell. I've come to NewGrounds to share my ideas and art with the world and also hoped to receive some insight in to the quality of my ideas in return. It would appear I've got some time before that will become a reality.

I just wanted to say that I'm very eager to be on NewGrounds now and hoping to really start showcasing my music across the world. Over time I've written/composed many songs, but never really had anyone else listen.

Hopefully I can get some feedback and more importantly, exposure.

Having a globally accessible location for my music isn't bad either.